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Stoker Law Firm offers legal services in a variety of practice areas, but not all. The reason behind practicing certain areas of law is simply because there is too much intricacy involved with each facet of the law to competently understand each one. We understand and acknowledge this important fact so we can instill and maintain client confidence in the matters we handle, while associating ourselves with other attorneys to fill the gaps. Therefore, if you don't see an applicable practice area below, we may be able to refer you to a trusted firm.

How can SLF help?

Business Formation & Operations

Whether it's starting your own business, streamlining current operations, or negotiating contracts, Stoker Law Firm is here to help maximize value while minimizing risks.

Estate Planning & Administration

Estate plans aren't just for those in the highest tax bracket and family members aren't always the best choice to administer your estate. Therefore, we offer free estate planning consultations and/or to serve as executor (personal representative) of your estate.

Trademark & Copyright Registration

Even small businesses have intellectual property worth protecting. That's why Stoker Law Firm assists it's clients in registering marks and copyrights within the United States.

Personal Injury Litigation & Settlement

When you're injured by some else's negligence, it's imperative that you seek medical attention before signing anything. You don't have to trust your insurance company, and shouldn't trust someone else's.

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